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Welcome to "The Market's Menagerie"
a mural created and donated by Jeff Perdziak and Family

Over the last few months, we have been giving you a sneak peek of the newest addition to the Clarence Hollow Farmers' Market site. And on the evening of May 4th, 2012 - our Market buildings became more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

See the photo gallery below to watch the project as the mural panels progressed through their creation. And below the gallery you will find information on the amazinf artist, and his family, who so graciously painted, donated and installed the mural at our site!
Jeff Perdziak, The Artist

Jeff Perdziak, is an artist who works in all different medias from pencil drawings, metal sculptures, to murals.  

Jeff has built a reputation for his murals - his favorite installation is the “Our Sun” mural created for the Buyer’s family in Clarence. Murals give Jeff the opportunity to personalize an art form for each of the families he works with. He has the privilege of getting to know the families and creating something the whole family will enjoy and enjoy sharing. In fact, he did a mural of Spider-man in a bathroom several years ago for a family in Clarence which included the faces of their two sons. Since then the family had moved and he was convinced the mural would have been painted over. But surprisingly, after many years, the new owners found him... not only was the mural still there... the new family had him paint their children's faces on the mural!  

Jeff also does life size animal cutouts on wood which many people incorporate in to their landscapes or children’s bedrooms. A parade float incorporating animal cutouts won second place in the Labor Day Parade in Clarence Center.  

Jeff is a huge superhero fan and enjoyed teaching Comic Book classes at Hyatt’s on Main Street—that, along with other classes he taught, allowed him to share his excitement and passion for art with others.  

Jeff is lucky enough to work in an artistic atmosphere at New Buffalo Shirt Factory in Clarence and has had the opportunity to create t-shirt designs for musicians including The Rolling Stones, Trace Adkins, Jason Aldean, and just recently, Lauren Alaina, runner up in American Idol. One of his favorite tasks is designing for BB King whom he also had the opportunity to see perform and was personally thanked for his designs. Along with other freelance work, Jeff has designed the logo and uniforms for The Ionraic Triathlon Club. He is also a member of the club and is currently training to complete his first ½ Iron man this coming July 2012.  

Jeff is married to Jeannie (Smith) Perdziak and the father of 4 children—Casey and Dusty who both attend Buffalo State as Art Majors; Ryan who is in 5th grade and quite the artist in his own right; and Eric who works with him at New Buffalo Shirt Factory and recently made him a Grandfather. The newest members to the family are Grandson, Jude and his Mom Kelly.

Jeff studied art in both High School and College (at RIT) and creates in all mediums from pencil drawings to murals to sculptures.